Message Id:0x0F
Direction:Server to Client
Used By:Starcraft Original, Starcraft Broodwar
Starcraft Shareware, Starcraft Japanese
Diablo Retail, Diablo Shareware
Diablo II, Diablo II Lord of Destruction
Warcraft II BNE, Warcraft III Reign of Chaos
Warcraft III The Frozen Throne

(UINT32) Event ID
(UINT32) User's Flags
(UINT32) Ping
(UINT32) IP Address *
(UINT32) Account number *
(UINT32) Registration Authority *
(STRING) Username
(STRING) Text **


Contains all chat events.

* These fields are defunct and should always be received as value 0x00000000 or a debugging value such as 0xbaadf00d (see this article on Wikipedia for more info).

** For STAR/SEXP/SSHR/JSTR, this field is UTF-8 encoded. For all other clients, it is ISO 8859-1 encoded. It must also be no longer than 255 characters; official clients should only be able to send 224 characters (including the null-terminator).

Event IDs:

0x01 EID_SHOWUSER: User in channel
0x02 EID_JOIN: User joined channel
0x03 EID_LEAVE: User left channel
0x04 EID_WHISPER: Recieved whisper
0x05 EID_TALK: Chat text
0x06 EID_BROADCAST: Server broadcast
0x07 EID_CHANNEL: Channel information
0x09 EID_USERFLAGS: Flags update
0x0A EID_WHISPERSENT: Sent whisper
0x0D EID_CHANNELFULL: Channel full
0x0E EID_CHANNELDOESNOTEXIST: Channel doesn't exist
0x0F EID_CHANNELRESTRICTED: Channel is restricted
0x12 EID_INFO: Information
0x13 EID_ERROR: Error message
0x15 EID_IGNORE: Notifies that a user has been ignored (DEFUNCT)
0x16 EID_ACCEPT: Notifies that a user has been unignored (DEFUNCT)
0x17 EID_EMOTE: Emote


  • This is sent for each user who is already in a channel when you join it, as opposed to EID_JOIN, which is sent when a user joins a channel you have already joined. It is also sent when logged on using D2XP/D2DV and a user requires an update to their statstring - for example, by logging a different character onto a realm.


  • This is sent when a user enters the channel you are currently in.


  • This is sent when a user exits the channel you are currently in.


  • This is sent when a user whispers you.


  • This is sent when a user (excluding self) in chat speaks.


  • This is sent when a server announcement is being made globally.
  • The username supplied for this event is now always Historically, the username was the name of the Administrator who sent the broadcast.


  • The flags field for this event is used and indicates what special conditions exist for the channel in question. See Flags for more information.


  • This is sent to inform the client of an update to one or more user's flags.
  • usually sends this event for every user in the channel, even if only one user's flags have changed. This behavior can be exploited to detect invisible users, by performing an action (such as an unsquelch) to provoke a flags update. Users included in the flags update whose presence has not been indicated by EID_JOIN or EID_SHOWUSER can then be added to the userlist as invisible. Care should be taken, however, to account for the possibility that an asynchronous send error has occurred. Should an EID_JOIN or EID_SHOWUSER event occur for an invisible user, they should be marked as a normal user, not readded to the userlist.


  • The Flags and Ping fields in this packet is equal to the originating user - the one who sent the whisper. In other words, EID_WHISPERSENT contains your flags & ping, not those of the person you whispered.



  • This is sent when attempting to join a channel which your client is not allowed to join.


  • This is information supplied by This text is usually displayed by clients in yellow.


  • This is error information supplied by This text is usually displayed by clients in red.


  • This is sent when any user (including self) uses the emote feature in chat.
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