Message Id:0x7D
Message Name:BNLS_WARDEN
Direction:Server to Client
Flags: In Research
Used By:Starcraft Original, Starcraft Broodwar
Warcraft III Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III The Frozen Throne

(UINT8) Command
(UINT32) Cookie
(UINT8) Result code
(UINT16) Length of Data
(VOID) Data


Provides you with the proper response to a 0x5E SID_WARDEN packet. If you receive result 0x00, then you should respond to SID_WARDEN with the Data, otherwise you should not respond to the SID_WARDEN packet.

Possible result codes:
0x00 Success
0x01 Unable to find your allocated packet handler.
0x02 Incoming data is corrupted
0x03 Warden module is not loaded yet
0x04 Error executing warden module
0x05 Unsupported client/game
0x06 Warden hack check error
0x07 Warden check invalid
0x08 Incoming warden packet unsupported
0x09 Unsupported warden info type
0xFD Invalid password
0xFE Invalid username
0xFF Your request was corrupted

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